The three Carbon books were designed for the occasion of the Total Library
exhibition, initiated by Experimental Jetset together with Rietveld academy
students, at Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, December 2006.
Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges short story The Library of Babel, the idea was to
make a book that will have an inherent memory, and will be able to trace
every step of its making, as well register its use.

The books were made from the same sheet size, creating different sizes
by using three methods of folding: Folio(2), Quarto(4) and Octavio(8).
Between each signature, a sheet of carbon paper was bound and from
that moment the registration process start and keep on 'recording' the
life of the books, whether they are being interacted with or by the materials
(paper and the carbon paper) deteriorating onto each other.
The different formats (which are define by the folding and the signature
thickness) preform different reaction to the same interaction.